fredag, februari 09, 2007


Sprit, sex, och ond bråd död. Det handlar så klart om brittisk politik.

There are two great parliamentary myths. One concerns drink; the other concerns sex. We are encouraged to believe that not long after Members take the oath, they begin drinking cut-price booze and having illicit relationships with glamorous assistants.

This week, the drinking myth surfaced in connection with Fiona Jones, the former Labour MP for Newark, who died 12 days ago of alcoholic liver disease, just before her 50th birthday. She was found lying in her bed at the Lincolnshire family home, surrounded by empty vodka bottles, by her 17-year-old son. Her husband, Chris Jones, said that she'd learnt to drink in Parliament and that this had been her undoing.
Axén Olin och Pilsäter ligger i lä. Artikeln i Telegraph är helt klart läsvärd, om den generation kvinnor som kom in med Tony Blair, och om livet efter.