torsdag, juli 05, 2007

Bektasevics kompis fick 10 år

Det blev tio års fängelse i straff för Younis Tsouli, den man som var länken mellan Al Qaida och den svenske självmordsbombaren Mirsad Bektasevic, och som under nicket irhabi007 gjorde sig ett namn som Al Qaidas webmaster. Han dömdes idag för att ha uppviglat till terrordåd.

The Blotter

Tsouli, a Moroccan, and his co-defendants Waseem Mughal, a British born citizen with a degree in biochemistry, and Tariq Al-Daour, who was born in the UAE and later granted British citizenship, were all arrested back in October 2005. On their computers, investigators found hordes of extremist material including bomb-making videos, martyrdom films, and footage of hostages being beheaded in Iraq.

The prosecutor in the case, Mark Ellison, said the group's websites and chatrooms distributed the material to online users all over the globe. "The point is these websites were being visited in significant numbers and people were getting access to material," said Ellison. "Putting it bluntly, the publication enterprise that this represented was successful. This material was being peddled out with its call inciting people to join jihad."

Today, Justice Peter Openshaw sentenced Tsouli to 10 years in jail and recommended his deportation at the end of his sentence.