tisdag, juli 10, 2007

Ständigt dessa svenska kopplingar

I Daily Telegraphs sammanställning över de fyra som igår dömdes för det lyckligtvis misslyckade terrorattentatet den 21 juli 2005 påpekas att en av de dömda, somaliern Ramzi Mohammed, hade svensk hustru. Azeb, som hon heter, är mor till hans barn, konvertit, och står tydligen tillräckligt fast vid hans sida för att gifta sig med honom inne i fängelset.

Mohammed worked at bars in Waterloo station and met a girl called Azeb, a non-Muslim originally from Sweden.

They moved to the Elephant and Castle area in south London and in July 2000 had a son followed by another boy three years later.

Mohammed's younger brother began taking his religion more seriously in 2000, around two years after they arrived in Britain. Mohammed eventually followed suit and had to leave his job because he could not serve alcohol.

He left his girlfriend because she would not convert, throwing out his rap records and computer games console. He moved through a series of jobs and was also running a "dawar" stall in Goldhawk Road, west London, handing out free books and tapes to propagate Islam. He joined marches against the war in Iraq.

In early 2005, Mohammed moved into a housing association flat in Dalgarno Gardens, North Kensington, and set about decorating, hanging a picture of Mecca on the wall, which had been given to him by Azeb.

By then she was also practising Islam, praying five times a day and wearing full Islamic dress.

Mohammed's suicide note to her read: "My family, don't cry for me but instead rejoice in happiness and love what I have done for the sake of Allah. My children, be good Muslims and obey your mother … and we shall meet again in paradise God willing."

The couple eventually married in Belmarsh high security prison.
Jag hade aldrig hört talas om denna koppling tidigare, kanske har svensk press missat den också, men utomlands har den beskrivits åtskilliga gånger (Google-sök).