tisdag, januari 29, 2008

En dag på jobbet med Islamiska Jihad

Undrar ni vem som tillverkar alla kassam-raketer som regnar över Israel? Der Spiegel har ett fint arbetsplatsreportage: GRAVEYARD SHIFT FOR ISLAMIC JIHAD - A Visit to a Gaza Rocket Factory.

The Islamic Jihad rocket factory is housed in a kind of garden shed. The hut measures five meters by five meters, metal pipes with small wings lean against the wall in the corner: Half finished Qassams. There are several tightly packed garbage bags on a shelf. "TNT," says Abdul and produces a chunk. The explosive looks like lumpy sugar. A large cauldron is sitting ready on a gas cooker while bags with Hebrew writing are piled up high up against the wall. "Fertilizer for the rocket fuel," Abdul says and grins. "We get it in Israel."