onsdag, oktober 22, 2008

ISI bekräftar Moumous död

Islamic state of Iraq bekräftar Mohamed Moumous död, enligt Reuters.

"God has honoured him with martyrdom so he told his soldiers 'here I am your leader I fight then I blow up my explosive belt in defence of my religion'," Abu Omar al-Baghdadi said of the militant identified by the alias, Abu Qaswara al-Maghrebi.

"Those who loved the martyr ... to avenge (our) brother and those who were with him should kill an infidel, be it an apostate or an occupier," said Baghdadi in the statement posted on a website that carries statements by militant groups including al Qaeda.

Baghdadi said Maghrebi, whose alias suggests he was a Moroccan national, had "thrown his Swedish passport in the trash bin" and joined the group's fight against U.S.-led forces and those of the Iraqi Shi'ite-led government.


Bekräftelsen är så officiell den kan bli.
Islamic State of Iraq
Al-Furqan Foundation for Media Production

"Eulogy to the Martyr Abu Qaswarah al-Maghribi (may Allah have mercy on him)
by Emir-ul-Mumineen Shaykh Abu Omar al-Baghdadi (may Allah protect him)"
Hela filmen med uttalandet går att ladda ner från clearinghouse.infovlad.net. Screencaps:

Uppdatering 2:

Transkription på arabiska här. Testa Google translate!

Uppdatering 3:

Ännu ett namn på Moumou, denna gång från tiden i Afghanistan, enligt CBS:
According to al Baghdadi, Al Maghribi died in a suicide attack after he blew himself during an attack in Mosul. “I was pleased that God has honored and chosen him to die a martyr amidst his men,” al Baghdadi said, eulogizing Al Maghribi.

Al Baghdadi also said al Maghribi’s journey began in Afghanistan where he was known as “Abu Talha al-Maghribi” (Abu Talha The Moroccan) and explained that he had scorned his Swedish citizenship and removed his five children which he hasn’t seen for three years to a safe place before going to fight in Iraq.