tisdag, oktober 28, 2008

Shabaabs styre i Kismayo

I Kismayo i Somalia har de hårdföra islamisterna i Shabaab tagit makten sedan en tid tillbaka. Dagens telegramskörd vittnar. Somalinet:

Somalia: 50 Somali men stone woman to death

After an Islamic court in the southern port of Kismayo found a woman guilty of adultery, thousands of people gathered to witness 50 Somali men stone a woman to death, witnesses said.

Aisha Ibrahim Dhuhulow, who had been found guilty of extra-marital intercourse, was buried in the ground up to her neck while the men pelted her head with rocks on Monday.

"Our sister Aisha asked the Islamic Sharia court in Kismayo to be charged and punished for the crime she committed," local Islamist leader Sheikh Hayakallah told the crowd.

"She was asked several times to review her confession, but she stressed that she wanted Sharia law and the deserved punishment to apply."

The execution was carried in one of the city's main squares.

The port of Kismayo was seized in August by a coalition of forces loyal to rebel leader Hassan Turki, and the Shebab, the country's main radical Islamist insurgent organisation.

Turki is listed as a terrorist financier by Washington.

The new administration formed there began implementing a strict form of Sharia (Islamic law).
"Hon bad om det." De djävlarna har verkligen mage att säga det.