tisdag, november 24, 2009

Vittnesmål: svensk lärde mig döda i Somalia, blev martyr

Att svenska medborgare strider med Shabaab i Somalia är väl känt. Exakt vad de gör är svårare att veta. I ett vittnesmål som NEFA Foundation (pdf) hämtat upp från ett al Qaida-lojalt internetforum, från den 20 oktober, ges dock en inblick. Berättelsen sägs vara nedskriven av en saudier, i propagandasyfte såklart, och beskriver hur saudiern tar sig till Somalia och utbildar sig till jihadkrigare. Efter månader av träning får han äntligen komma ut på fältet, där det visar sig att hans befäl är en svensk, som efter bara dagars bekantskap blir skjuten.

"The army, thirsty for fighting and lovers of martyrdom, moved to towards the men’s battlefield; I was with them and my eyes and soul looking forward to meet my creator, raised and glorified, after martyrdom. How many times I wished to be in one of the trenches, and here I am on my way to what Allah has facilitated for me. We reached the capital Mogadishu after a long trip full of emotions; longing for Jihad. We were taken to areas where the army had gathered, and after few days we were transferred to the forefront, then we were assigned into groups and then we were taken to the points of face-offs."

"I arrived and waited for orders from the group’s commander to direct me. Our Amir was one of the muhajireen [immigrants] brothers from Sweden. I love him when I saw him, as if I saw martyrdom in his eyes; kind-hearted and soft, and always reading the Quran. He told me ‘come sit here, and if you see the enemy, fire!’ I didn’t understand what he said until I sat in my position. I sat and saw in front of me dark-skinned men, dusty and moldy-looking, running in the front and shooting at us. We waited for a few seconds until I figured that they were apostates, and I began firing my AK-47. The Amir came over and asked me to not fire much because that is what they wanted, ‘wait until you see them coming forward.’ Then he said ‘take my BK automatic weapon and shoot one bullet at a time. I said ‘OK.’ Not even half an hour passed that I shot an apostate in his head. I prayed, and the Amir saw what I did, and then said ‘good news brother, you have just taken his place in heaven.’ I was happy, and I used to not leave my position even if my time was over for guarding. Two days later, order came to move forward to face the enemy, and it was afternoon time."

"Before the orders came, one of the brothers came from the Arabian Peninsula and with him was a Yemeni brother, and they asked to greet the guest, so I said ‘we’re missing dates and Arabic coffee.’ The brother said that he only has tea. I said that was alright, and that the Amir and myself were to come over. So he said ‘I will wait for you after prayer, Allah-willing.’ But, the orders had come to face the enemy, so I said jokingly to the Amir ‘what do you think about drinking tea first then we move forward, what you think? The Amir said ‘we’ll move forward, and if we martyred, then we’ll drink it in paradise Allah-willing,’ and he pointed towards the sky."

"The orders came to move forward, so we lined up in one line and moved forward while firing our weapons, and the enemy responded. The Amir was hit along with one of the brothers. We finished moving forward, and I crawled to one of the houses, and was surprised with the enemy in my face, and one of the apostates came out and I shot him in his face, and then he dropped dead, and the second came out and I shot him in his shoulder and then ran away. The enemy was defeated and left scared like mice. After I went back to the wounded Amir, he smiled and with his finger pointing to the sky like he was telling me ‘I’m waiting for you in paradise to drink tea, so do not be late.’ He was martyred while smiling. I ask Allah to meet you in paradise, O beloved in Allah. It was a fruitful trade brother."