söndag, oktober 07, 2012

Omar Bakri: Mehdi Ghezali var min lärjunge

Svenska myndigheter kunde omedelbart avfärda påståendet att Mehdi Ghezali var mannen bakom bombdådet i Bulgarien i juli. Vilket betyder att Ghezali står under ständig bevakning.

Likväl fortsätter hans namn att dyka upp.

Nu har den ökände islamistledaren Omar Bakri, tidigare verksam i Storbritannien men numera lokaliserad i Libanon, låtit sig intervjuas. Och han har uppenbarligen inte nåtts av budskapen från svenska myndigheter.

NewEurope online:
"In an interview for the Centre for Middle East studies, published in a Bulgarian daily, the radical Islamic leader Omar Bakri claimed that the suicide bomber who killed five Israeli citizens and a Bulgarian bus driver on the airport of the city of Burgas in July was his disciple.

Furthermore, Bakri was certain that the man of the footage released by the Bulgarian interior ministry was indeed Mehdi Ghezali-a Swedish citizen who has previously been a Guantanamo inmate.

In July, the Bulgarian authorities and their Swedish colleagues refuted the version of Ghezali’s participation in the terrorist attack and stuck to the version that the perpetrator was Jacque Felipe Martin, aged 25, from the state of Michigan.

The complicated situation required international support, so the Bulgarian government appealed to Interpol to deploy team and assist the national authorities in their investigation of the attack. As a result, at the end of August, the authorities in Bulgaria and Interpol jointly released images of a suspected accomplice to the terrorist who was believed to be of Middle Eastern origin.

Back to the interview with Bakri-founder of the jihadist group ‘Al Muhadzhirun’ who currently lives in Lebanon after leaving Britain following the attacks at the London Underground. Talking about the identity of the men who blew himself in Burgas, he said: ‘When I realized that this man was considered to be connected with my people, I called the brothers in Britain to ask who he was. They told me that he was a guy known as Abu Ahmed. There was also another nickname. This guy really was a disciple of mine, but just for a while. Then, he left for Afghanistan. His name is Mahdi Ghazali from Guantanamo’.

However, Bakri added: ‘I'm not talking about the photo of the corpse, but about the man from the footage who was walking at the airport. For me, this was Abu Ahmed’.

Asked about who was behind the terrorist attack in Bulgaria, Bakri replied that Al Qaeda was responsible (even though, according to Israel, it was Hezbollah which committed the act) and that there were ‘very important people’ with ‘a lot of power’ among those who died in Burgas."
Det finns förstås ingen anledning att betvivla de svenska myndigheterna. Vad som är intressant är den vikt som en av världens mest beryktade islamister lägger vid svenske Mehdi Ghezali. Omar Bakri kallar honom för sin lärjunge.

Israel national news förmedlar ytterligare en bit ur intervjun med Bakri, där det förtydligas vad hans 'lärjungar' går för:
"“Without a doubt, Al-Qaeda was behind the attack,” Bakri claimed, according to additional excerpts from the interview translated by Israel’s Channel 10 News. “They have not taken responsibility because sometimes ‘freelance’ organizations carry out the attacks on their behalf. The same goes for the attack in Toulouse. In both of these attacks my name came up as a spiritual teacher. I also had a student who exploded in Tel Aviv.” 
According to Bakri, "The head of the snake is America, so Al-Qaeda is looking for big targets in the U.S., but smaller organizations settle for smaller targets. The Zionist regime can be targeted anywhere in the world, not because they are Jews, but because they are Israelis.” 
He claimed that the Balkans are occupied Muslim land which should be released. “Even Spain and Eastern Europe should be released. Bulgaria is a legitimate target,” said Bakri."