onsdag, mars 26, 2014

Den finska kontingenten i Syrien

Forskaren Juha Saarinen har kartlagt den mystifierande finska närvaron i Syrien, i artikeln The Finnish Foreign Fighter Contingent in Syria, publicerad i CTC Sentinel.

Ur introduktionen:

"The article finds that approximately 15 foreign fighters from Finland have joined the conflict in Syria as combatants, and that the broad appeal of the Syrian conflict, the growth of the radical Islamist scene in Finland and the relative ease of traveling to Syria are the main factors behind this mobilization. The majority of the Finnish fighters have reportedly joined jihadist groups, increasing the possibility that returning fighters will have a domestic impact. While the terrorist threat level in Finland may increase in the future as a result of the mobilization, a more immediate concern is that returning foreign fighters—and perhaps those still abroad—will seek to further expand the radical Islamist scene, strengthen the jihadist strand within it, and increase the connections between Finland’s own radical community and more developed ones abroad."
(Min egen artikel The Swedish Foreign Fighter Contingent in Syria från i somras.)