lördag, oktober 23, 2004

Hopeless communicator

Finansinriktade nyhetsbyrån Bloombergs skriver om nya regeringen, och inte helt utan humor. Bosse Ringholm får nästan en egen runa.

Nuder succeeds Ringholm, known in Sweden for obtaining the lowest pass in high school mathematics, who was appointed in 1999.


"Hopeless Communicator"


Ringholm has come under attack from the opposition. First, opposition leaders in June criticized his use of a government jet to fly from a Swedish football match at Euro 2004 in Portugal to attend a meeting of the country's Trade Union Confederation, the biggest donor to the Social Democrats.

Earlier this summer, Swedish radio revealed that Enskede IK's, the football club chaired by Ringholm, hadn't paid tax on its advertising income, as required by Swedish law.

Hur var det nu den gick - "Då ärat ditt namn flög över jorden"...