måndag, november 01, 2004

PJ inte PJ

"If elected, can John Kerry live up to the expectations of left-wing Europeans?", Elaine Sumner, London

"If Stalin couldn't, I don't think Kerry's going to be able to. Certainly, expectations in Europe are far too high. Kerry is just an American politician. The likelihood that he'll do anything different from Bush is extremely small. Kerry would sign Kyoto, but that doesn't mean the air's going to get any cleaner: the treaty is full of empty promises. Maybe he would scold Israel a little more, but in the past, Republicans have been better at that, because, after all, the Jewish-American vote goes to the Democrats. And when it comes to Iraq, everyone's open to new ideas. I just haven't heard any - certainly not from Kerry."

PJ O´Rourke svarar the Independents läsare. Långt från PJ.