onsdag, november 22, 2006

Dags att flytta?

Rykten i Chiles finanskretsar säger att Fidel Castros nära och kära letar efter fastigheter i gränstrakterna mellan Chile och Argentina. Kan det vara så att de känner att slutet är nära för den socialistiska diktaturen?

Babalu Blog:

Real estate purchases of the rich and evil

NuevoAccion.com has a report of a rumor floating around Chilean financial circles that certain family members of the soon-to-be-worm-food leader of Cuba are looking to buy property in Chile. I wonder where they got the money, being equal under socialism and all.

Here's a full translation in English by our ever-vigilant colleague, Henry Gomez:

Friends of this publication, who reside in Chile, have notified us of a rumor that is currently circulating in Chilean financial circles, which we transmit to our readers exactly as they are, as unconfirmed rumors, without knowledge as to their truth, but we make them public, because this news, along with the news that the Swiss banking institutions have cancelled all transactions with Cuba, may be related.

According to these Chilean sources, Max “the Guaton" Marambio, has received instructions from Mrs. Dalia Soto del Valle, (in the photo above) wife of the “Emperor of the Cuban Archipelago”, that he should explore the possibility of acquiring for her or some relatives, a pair of great properties in Chilean Pampas, on the border with Argentina, and if possible, that the properties include part of the Pampas of both nations.

As published previously in “Nuevo Accion”, Max Marambio, known in Cuba as “the Guaton” has become a multimillionaire doing businesses with and for the Cuban tyranny and serving as a front for many of the countless businesses scattered around by the world owned by Fidel Castro.

Marambio, who was a chief of the personal bodyguards of Salvador Allende and an intimate pal of the de la Guardia twins with whom he participated in all their sordid business, and today is a multimillionaire tycoon thanks to his businesses with the Cuban tyranny, resides in Chile.

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