tisdag, maj 08, 2007

Gitmo-svensken internationell celebritet

Även nyhetsbyrån McClatchy skriver om den somalier som värvades till det heliga kriget under sin tid i Sverige, och som nu sitter på Guantanamo Bay.

Ahmed earlier had been identified by intelligence agencies as Gouled Hassan Dourad. He acknowledged taking paramilitary training in Afghanistan, but denied he'd also trained at Lugh, Somalia.

"My training was solely for the purpose of fighting in Somalia, but not against Americans," he's quoted as saying.

He denied being a member of al-Ittihad, but said, "I did fight jihad alongside al-Ittihad against Ethiopians, which is my right to do."

The hearing didn't specify what militant action Ahmed took part in, although in 2002 Mogadishu was awash in violence between Somali police forces and a loose network of clan-based militias, some of which were supported by Ethiopian forces.

According to the White House report, Ahmed was born in Mogadishu. When civil war broke out in 1991, his family sent him to Germany, where he lived in a refugee camp before gaining asylum in Sweden.
USAs anklagelser mot mannen finns summerade på ett dokument (pdf), för den händelse att en svensk journalist vill göra som de i den stora världen. Den slappe kan ta del av min översättning.