tisdag, maj 15, 2012

Påstådd svensk medborgare gripen i Kenya

Kenyansk press rapporterar att vad som påstås vara en svensk medborgare har gripits, misstänkt för att ha försökt ansluta sig till al-Shabaab.

The Standard:

A Swedish national has been arrested in Nairobi in the crackdown on increasing number of foreigners flocking to Kenya to join Somalia’s islamist group Al-Shabaab. 
Anti-terror police arrested Magd Najjar in Eastleigh after they learnt he was here illegally and was eager to join or had joined the militant group. 
Police spokesman Eric Kiraithe later said Najjar was an accomplice of the wanted German terror suspect Ahmed Khaled Mueller and they had a similar mission in the country.

“He has been charged with being illegally in the country and we intend to ask the courts to fine him before he is deported,” said Kiraithe. 
The suspect’s traveling documents showed he entered Kenya on February 23, 2011 after he was granted a visa that was to run from January 31 2011 to April 30, 2011. 
And after his visa expired he reportedly never laboured to renew it as per the law. He was scheduled to appear in Nairobi court on Monday. 
Anti-terror police who are handling his case said they are investigating to know if he had been to Somalia and back using the porous borders. 
“He cannot account some of his time here and there are fears he may have gone to Somalia and came back to recruit more foreigners,” said a senior officer who asked not to be named.
Kiraithe said they are still-hunting down Mueller insisting he is in the country using alias names Andreas Martin Muller and Abu Nusaibah. 
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