tisdag, februari 13, 2007

Utvandringen dyrare än invandringen

Ekonomiskt intresserade läsare får gärna kasta ett getöga på ett nytt Working Paper från Lars Johansson, Stockholms Universitet: Fiscal Implications of Emigration.

Jag tycker det ser våldsamt intressant ut, men kan ju inget om ekonomi (heller).

This study examines the fiscal effects of emigration. A dynamic macroeconomic framework is used. The net present value of the fiscal effects of different types of individuals' emigration decisions is calculated. Individuals are differentiated w.r.t. age, gender, education, being immigrants or born in Sweden and how long they choose to stay abroad in case of emigration. This study expolores how the fiscal effects of emigration are contingent on these different personal characteristics and is applied to the case of emigration from Sweden in 1998. The estimated aggregate fiscal cost is SEK 11.6 billion or 0.62% of GDP. This cost is significantly larger than the cost of immigration.