onsdag, november 24, 2004


Inte bara en webkamera rapporterar från Ukraina. Det finns en till.

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Le Sabot Postmoderne:

We've spent the day surrounding the Parliament building. Unfortunately, the Communists have kept on the side, and so there was no quorum to overturn the vote. Nevertheless, the Opposition gave some great speeches on the Parliamentary TV channel that'll be heard all over Ukraine. Needed, needed information, given the blackout the mainstream channels are keeping up.

Reuters is reporting about 200,000 people outside parliament. Add to that about an equal number on main street and a bunch more in other parts of the city, and you begin to get an idea how big this is getting. Yesterday the militia enforced a near-blockade of Kiev, but today a lot of buses were able to get in to support us.

I'm heading down to Independence Square after this. Yuschenko is going to do an unofficial sweatring-in to underscore his legitimacy as the real elective choice of Ukraine. And then it's back to the barricades. Our tent town has grown since this morning, which is encouraging.

Neeka´s backlog:

You should've seen the crowd walking past our windows, along Khreshchatyk and towards the Central Election Commission... This is a wonderful time here in Kyiv.