onsdag, oktober 17, 2007

CNN hos Lars Vilks

CNN har besökt Lars Vilks. Stora amerikanska bloggar, som LGF och Hot Air hakar upp sig på att CNNs reporter antyder att hon inte tycker att Vilks agerat ansvarsfullt.

Still one could argue Vilks should have known better because of what happened in Denmark in 2005, when a cartoonist's depictions of the prophet sparked violent protests in the Muslim world and prompted death threats against that cartoonist's life.
Själv tycker jag att det är att CNN intervjar svenska islamisten "Amatullah" i burqa som är det mest spännande.
One Swedish Muslim woman who lives just an hour-and-a-half drive from Vilks said she hopes to make good on the al Qaeda threat and slaughter Vilks like a lamb.

"I can do this in the name of Allah, and I will not fail. I could slaughter him in the name of Allah," says the woman who identified herself only as Amatullah.

She adds, "If I get the opportunity."

Dressed in a black burqa from head to toe and uttering death threat after death threat, the woman -- a wife and mother -- says she is defending her religion and her prophet if she manages to kill Vilks.

Amatullah has already been fined for issuing death threats. Still, she claims she will never stop taunting him.
Det, och den enorma mängden hot som fortfarande strömmar in.
As he sits at his computer, his phone buzzes with a text message. Another death threat has just come in, this one from Pakistan. "I will kill you, you son a bitch," he reads. There are hundreds of threats just like this one on his mobile phone, on his answering machine and in his e-mail inbox.