tisdag, januari 22, 2008

Min story upplockad av Washington Post

Karen DeYoung på Washington Post hänvisar till mitt avslöjande Svensk kan ha tagit värvning i al Qaida i sin artikel Papers Paint New Portrait of Iraq's Foreign Insurgents:

Many of the forms include telephone numbers. According to Fishman, "we called a lot of them and they didn't work" or "just rang and rang." But a Swedish newspaper noticed on the center's Web site that one man, a Tunisian who gave only an alias, listed his country of residence as Sweden and supplied a telephone number in the Stockholm suburb of Rinkeby. A government registry indicated that he was married, with two children.

When a reporter from Svenska Dagbladet called the number, the newspaper reported early this month, a man who identified himself as a cousin said that Abu Mua'az was not there. He, his wife and older brother, the man said, "were currently overseas and unavailable."
Det som skrivs är inte är helt med sanningen överensstämmande - men jag är så stolt att jag inte kan klaga.

(via islamologi.se)