onsdag, februari 04, 2009

SVTs Existens silar mygg och sväljer kameler

Katolikerna återupprättar förintelseförnekare. Gamle ärkebiskopen i Svenska kyrkan KG Hammar vägrar att högtidlighålla minnet av förintelsen. I Malmö pågår rättegång mot islamiska företrädare som misstänks ha slussat miljonbelopp till den antisemitiska terroristorganisationen Hamas. Men i ett mejl frågar SVTs religionsprogram Existens efter tecken på "growing radicalism and intolerance among the Jewish population".

---------------------------- Original Message ----------------------------
Subject: Inquiry from the Swedish Television
From: Eva Renström <eva.renstrom@...>
Date: Fri, January 30, 2009 2:38 pm
To: mail@...

Dear Peace-worker,

My name is Eva Renstrom and I´m working as a journalist at the Swedish
Television; the public service company in Sweden, with a program called
Existens; Existence. It´s a secular program about religion and society,
and our assignment is to describe what happens when these two meets and

Now we are planning to do a program about the escalated
Israeli/Palestinian conflict, and what happens with the manifestation of
the religions; Islam and Judaism, in the current situation.

Our focus will be Islam, but we intend to discuss growing radicalism and
intolerance among the Jewish population as well. Here in Sweden, we see
moderate movements in this direction. But since everything in Sweden is
more or less moderate in comparison, we suspect that the effect is
enhanced in the rest of Europe as well as in the Middle East. We want to
know more about the risk of increased radicalism and extremism, about
where this situation can take us. We want to know more about if and how
the religious manifestation will change.

Now I´m looking for someone to talk to; who can analyze the situation,
especially when it comes to the situation among Jews. I´ve read about you
on the web site, and I thought that you maybe can help me! I´m grateful
for your help!

Best wishes, and a nice weekend to you!

Reporter SVT Existens