lördag, juni 27, 2009

Svenskmarockanska terrorkopplingar igen

Marockansk press rapporterar att man gripit fem personer ur en terroristcell. Ligan leds av en Abou Yassine, som är en gammal kämpe från GIA med kopplingar till Sverige.

Maghreb Arabe Press:

The cell is said to be led by a person identified as Abou Yassine, a former Salafia Jihadia prisoner, who served a two-year jail term for involvement with Ansar Al Mahdi, a cell that was disbanded in 2006 after planning to tumbled the monarchy.

Abou Yassine, who was released in 2008, has been every since trying to set up this cell in the Moroccan, Spanish-occupied town of Sebta, the source said. He has been providing to its members his experience as an inveterate militant and a former drug trafficker in Spain.

Security services impounded three vehicles registered in Sebta, in addition to a large patch of documents and audio CDs and tapes preaching jihad and encouraging suicide operations and the execution of Al Qaida hostages.

The group have also established ties with traffickers in Morocco and trade links with French terrorist Robert Richard Antoine Pierre, known as Abou Abderrahmane.

Abou Yassine has also ties with the activists of a terrorist cell in Sweden and Afghan Moroccans, the source maintained.
Andra telegram nämner också att Abou Yassine är född i staden Tétouan, känd för militant islamism och kopplingar till Sverige.