torsdag, augusti 13, 2009

Dagens citat

Sheikh Abdullah Azzam, som anses ha varit en av de mest inflytelserika ideologerna inom jihadismen, avrådde å det bestämdaste islamister från att flytta till Sverige, som han menade var en av världens mest dekadenta och ondskefyllda platser.

Ur Fi Dhilal Surat at-Tawbah:

The stories are many, and those who came to us from Italy and Sweden know very well the disasters lurking in the Western societies. So, what would we say about a youth who was in the land of Jihad, then he decided to travel to Sweden? Why do you wish to go? He said: “To get a passport from there.”

May Allah not bless you, and may He not bless your passport. Do you wish to exchange the lands of Jihad for the most evil lands on Earth?”