lördag, mars 13, 2010

De gripna i komplotten mot Vilks

Tidningen The National, från Förenade Arabemiraten (!?), berättar om de gripna i komplotten mot Lars Vilks.

Four Irish residents, including a US woman, remained in custody last night as anti-terrorism police continued to probe the Irish connection in the “Jihad Jane” plot to murder Lars Vilks, a Swedish cartoonist.

Three of the seven people taken into custody in raids on homes in the Republic of Ireland on Tuesday – a couple originally from Algeria and a Palestinian woman – were released without charge late on Friday night.

It was the arrest of the seven at addresses in Cork and Waterford that led to disclosure by the US justice department that Colleen LaRose, a 46-year-old US-born convert to Islam, had been held since October on charges of plotting to kill Mr Vilks, whose 2007 cartoon portraying the Prophet Mohammed had offended Muslims worldwide.

Ms LaRose is alleged to have used the names Jihad Jane and Fatima LaRose on websites as she attempted to recruit people in South Asia, Europe and the United States to wage a bloody jihad.

Last August, she flew to Europe, initially visiting the Netherlands and inquiring about residency in Sweden, before flying to Ireland for two weeks in September.

Amateur internet sleuths, who had been tracking Ms LaRose’s internet activities for two years, had alerted the US authorities early last year after she made an alleged appeal for funds to sponsor terrorist activity.

The CIA alerted the Garda, the Irish police, who kept her under surveillance throughout her stay in Ireland. Her main point of contact, according to sources in Dublin yesterday, was 49-year-old Sharif Damache, an Algerian who settled in Ireland in 2000 and who became a naturalised Irish citizen two years ago.

Mr Damache, who was arrested at his home in Waterford, remained in custody last night along with his wife, Jamie Paulin-Ramirez, a 31-year-old convert to Islam from Colorado.


An Algerian couple who run a bakery in Ballincollig – Ghamrassan Moulay-Slimane and his wife, Iles – were released on Friday evening, along with Nadah Sameh, a Palestinian woman from Tramore.

Her husband, Abd al Salam Mansur al Jahani, a Libyan who has been living in Ireland for almost a decade, remained in custody along with Danijel Orsos, a 26-year-old Croatian convert, and Mr Damache and his American wife.
The Jawa Report har förstås det hela också - sällan har väl en blogg ägt så mycket av en förundersökning.


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