torsdag, maj 09, 2013

Bombmännen vid World Trade Center 1993 ville attackera Sverige

Den 26 februari 1993 sprängdes en bilbomb i källaren på World Trade Center i New York. Bomben lyckades inte rasera byggnaden, men sex personer dog och tusen skadades.

Under utredningen fann polisen en kommuniké där gruppen hotade med fler terrorattacker. Sverige pekades ut som mål.

FBI:s översättning (min fetning):
"The Fifth Battalion of the Liberation Army under the leadership of Lieutenant General Abu Baker Almaki will be responsible for attacks against certain American targets in the near future. 
This is in response to the financial, political and military assistance given by the American government to the Jewish state in the occupied land of Palestine. 
At the same time, America has donated a war plane to the Jewish state, which continues its massacres in southern Lebanon as well as the harassment of imprisoned Palestinian brethren, with the aid of American money, weapons and heavy equipment. 
The American congress has blessed and endorsed this policy, and the American people have heard end seen this endorsement without objection. We hold all Americans responsible in order to Accomplish our lawful goals, because the American congress represents the American people. 
We will attack French and British establishments for their sanctions restricting the sending of weapons to Bosnia and their un-announced cooperation with the Serbs in attacks against muslims. 
We will attack Swedish targets for granting asylum to two women who denounced islam and moslems. By this action, Sweden has become an undesired country because it protects those who curse islam, Allah, and the prophet of muslims. 
In the event the American government does not stop its assistance to Israel, again we warn them that we will continue our operations of vengeance inside and outside America. Our operation will include attacks on American nuclear facilities, for we consider the American government to be a supporter of the Israeli occupation of Palestine and the assault on the Palestinian people. 
Allah is great and victory will come to the believers when we attack Swedish targets in order that Sweden becomes obedient. 
We will continue our operations of vengeance inside and outside America due to American support for Israel, and this will what already has been started."
Det kan också vara värt att notera att en av bombmännen, Ahmad Ajaj, reste på ett manipulerat svenskt pass.