onsdag, juli 24, 2013

Svensk jihadist fick brittisk fru i Syrien

"Abu Bakr" från Sverige med sin hustru. Från Channel4.
Brittiska Channel4 berättar i ett tv-inslag om en kvinna som, för att få kunna delta i jihad på något sätt, gift sig med en krigare i Syrien. Krigaren, som kallas "Abu Bakr" kommer från Sverige, och han nämner att han deltagit i fem slag för Kataib al Muhajereen.

"Maryam shoots a Kalashnikov for the camera, and then fires off a revolver. She'd like to fight, to become what she calls a martyr. But she's not a frontline fighter. She's a fighter's wife, with weapons for her own protection.


Maryam's marriage to her fighter husband, Abu Bakr, was arranged by his mother three months ago. She didn't meet him until after they were married. 
He's Swedish, and born a Muslim. She's British, and converted to Islam four years ago.


She and her husband are raising a child together, and are now expecting another. They appear at ease together on camera, talking over who should do the cooking, squabbling over who has the better Kalashnikov.

But they agree on the big picture. Their long-term objective is what they see as the liberation of Syria, followed by the establishment of an Islamic caliphate.

Abu Bakr fights with the Sunni jihadi militia known as Katiba al Muhajireen - the battalion of migrants - an active fighting force.

They fight alongside bigger Islamic groups such as Ahrar al-Sham and the al-Qaeda affiliated Jabhat al-Nusra. He's a full-time fighter. He lists the victories his militia has won.

But this is Syria. There are not only victories but defeats, and serious atrocities."